Sunday, October 21, 2007

I need some Informations

AAT - Association of Accounting Technician's

Is there any one who has an idea about these studies? If possible in Arabic! I've fount alot of links regarding this subject but none in Arabic!!! There is a big possibility of me doing this study but I still don't know a lot about it. Please help and advice.


Monday, October 8, 2007

La France - Part ( 18 ) - Last part.

My super Grand M.

Yesterday 07/10/2007 I made her a phone call and i was telling her that i was updating my Blog then I asked for her permition to put her Pic's in this blog, she said why not, let the people see me.
Her name is Lucette Daniel, she got married at 20 years old ( I think ), had 2 daughters ( Mum named Josette Beraud and my ante named Evelyne Beraud ).
Grand M. had a Successful life with her husbend ( Grand F. who died in November 2004) named Henri Berand.
Love you family love you Mamina

La France - Part ( 17 )

Duty free in the air port of Marseille - Nice pic.
Last Night in France before leaving to Libya - Aix en Provance - My ante City
We had dinner in a small restaurent - not that nice!!!

La France - Part ( 16 )

My Grand M. village

It’s a small village with zero activities apart walking around, it’s a village that used to have retired people ( Old people ) but now in the past two years they started to billed buildings, enlarge the roads and add roundabouts every where to reduce speeding cars.

This is the problem in France - we are so used to drive like crazy in Libya!!! once we get to drive there is like OHHH MY GOD whats that!!! some times the roads are empty but you still have to dive 50Km/h or 70
اعتقد ان هدا قد يكون مصدر موثوق لارتفاع الضغط و السكر في جسم الانسان

Name of the street

My Grand M. house - Its for sale - this is only the entrence - its a big historical house billed in 200 years before and its still in a very good stage - next year if I go I will be taking pic's maybe some one of you will be intrested in it.

La France - Part ( 15 )

Chateau de Versaille

Versaille - France

I left this part for the end because it was the perfect one, I really hope to you people to get the same chance and visit France like I did, in these pic's we only visited the gardens, my brother the lucky one he did visit the castle maybe last year or the year before with my parents, its funny because its like a rotation!!! he goes I don't due to work and not having holidays!!! When I go he keeps the house and the dog, its not only that he also have to continue working.
Only on Saturdays they open the fountains, on that night the sky was covered with dark clouds, the driver said that it would be a good idea if we take our umbrellas!!! But come on!!!! tourists never think to take an umbrella in the luggage!!! Especially in summer …. At the end they made a fire work which was very short and the place was very crowded with people from all over the word.
عقبالكم يا جماعة