Monday, October 8, 2007

La France - Part ( 16 )

My Grand M. village

It’s a small village with zero activities apart walking around, it’s a village that used to have retired people ( Old people ) but now in the past two years they started to billed buildings, enlarge the roads and add roundabouts every where to reduce speeding cars.

This is the problem in France - we are so used to drive like crazy in Libya!!! once we get to drive there is like OHHH MY GOD whats that!!! some times the roads are empty but you still have to dive 50Km/h or 70
اعتقد ان هدا قد يكون مصدر موثوق لارتفاع الضغط و السكر في جسم الانسان

Name of the street

My Grand M. house - Its for sale - this is only the entrence - its a big historical house billed in 200 years before and its still in a very good stage - next year if I go I will be taking pic's maybe some one of you will be intrested in it.

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