Monday, October 8, 2007

La France - Part ( 18 ) - Last part.

My super Grand M.

Yesterday 07/10/2007 I made her a phone call and i was telling her that i was updating my Blog then I asked for her permition to put her Pic's in this blog, she said why not, let the people see me.
Her name is Lucette Daniel, she got married at 20 years old ( I think ), had 2 daughters ( Mum named Josette Beraud and my ante named Evelyne Beraud ).
Grand M. had a Successful life with her husbend ( Grand F. who died in November 2004) named Henri Berand.
Love you family love you Mamina


Sho said...

she's is a wonderful grand mamy dear sis, I met her before and she is really wonderful, a person who likes to laugh and has a nice humer, in brief she's a full of life grand mamy!!

Gheriani said...

Happy and Joyous Eid ul Fitr and my best wishes pour la Gramere!

Brave Heart said...

sllam innocent, wish you have a happy and joyful Eid and may Allah accept our fast and prayers, and grant us his forgiveness.