Sunday, October 7, 2007

La France -Part ( 14 )


On the 26/07/2007 still visiting mountains, it was great this time more than the one in part 13, this time it wasn't just clod but freezing, the thing that was wonderful it was my Grand M. at her age she still can do these kind of activities without complaining, yes she some times was suffering from being seated all the time in the car but she was always keeping a smile on her face. I do love her a lot and one day I will put her pic's in this blog.

Me and Dad ( shadows)Trees has difficulties to grow because of the strong wings blowing, the mountain as I was told from my Grand M. was higher than what it is now (بسبب عوامل التعرية) The Peak

Thw withe ball - We have the same in the green mountains - Benghazi - (الجبل الاخضر - الرجمة)
These pics were taking once we were moving down Lavender field
Greap fiels for wins

This one we didn't have the time to get on top of it.... LOL

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